You went to a party with friends. You all enjoyed yourselves.We had a number of positive experiences at the party.We had a great time at the party.We had a ball.
Your cat vomited on your sofa.My cat regurgitated its food on my sofa.The cat threw up on the sofa.The cat barfed on the sofa.
You are very tired.I am physically drained and exhausted.I'm really tired.I'm bushed; I'm beat; I'm knackered.
You offer a friend a can of beer.Would you like to partake of a beer, my friend?Would you like a can of beer?Want a brew, dude? Want a brewski, dude? Fancy a beer, mate?
You think a friend's clothes are cheap and not fashionable.He is attired in some outmoded and unfashionable clothes.His clothes aren't trendy.His clothes are so cheesy; his clothes are so tacky.
You were with a group of tourists sightseeing in a city. You and a friend managed to escape from the group so you could be on your own.We evaded them successfully.We lost them.We gave them the slip.
take drugs употреблять наркотики hallucinogenic [həˌluːsɪnə'ʤenɪk] галлюциногенный be a bit high под кайфом be stoned под кайфом out of his head под кайфом out of it в улете incredible [ɪn'kredɪbl] / 1) маловероятный, невероятный, out of this world неземной, великолепный awesome ['ɔːsəm]; потрясающий, фантастический have an affair with  завести роман с unfaithful [ʌn'feɪθf(ə)l, -ful] / 1) а) вероломный, изменнический, предательский two-timer неверный муж; неверная жена; двуличный человек; обманщик cheater ['ʧiːtə] ; жулик, изменница, изменник sexist ['seksɪst] поддерживающий гендерную дискриминацию fuzz [fʌz] а) полиция loose track of time забыть о времени, потерять счет времени
Dictionary of slang
You are talking to a friend. You are about to say something important and you advise your friend to write it down.Please take down what I'am saying.I'd take a note of this.Jot this down.
A friend leaves the room and doesn't close the door You are angry about this.Please remember to close the door next time.Pull the door to next time.Were you born in a barn, or what? Were you born in a field?
Money has been disappearing from the office. You want the person responsible to admit his/ her guilt.I would like the culprit to openly declare his or her guilt.I'd like the person responsible to own up.Just come clean.
You are describing how the president verbally attacked you.She launched a tirade of verbal abuse against me.She really let me have it.She gave me a real tongue lashing. She ripped me to pieces.
A friend of yours is very handsome and attracts many women.Women find him very charming.He's really popular with the ladies.He's a bit of a hit with the girls.
A friend is going to a meeting with the president. The president is a very aggressive woman and you are sure there will be a lot of shouting.She will deal with you in a very violent manner.You won't be any match for her.She will have you for breakfast. She will have your guts for garters. She'll make mincemeat of you.
You are describing to a friend how your football team lost five games one after the other.We lost five games consecutively.We lost five games in a row.We lost five games on the trot. We lost five games on the bounce.
be about собираться сделать что-либо write it down записывать jot кратко записать; бегло набросать; записать barn [bɑːn] / 1) амбар; (сенной) сарай admit [əd'mɪt] признаваться guilt [gɪlt] / 1) вина culprit ['kʌlprɪt] / обвиняемый; подсудимый 2) преступник; виновный сome clean признаваться, говорить правду launch [lɔːnʧ] разразиться (об угрозе, обвинении) abuse 1. [ə'bjuːs] / 1) оскорбление; брань let have it вставить пистон кому-л. (ругать кого-л. to reprimand smb.) lashing ['læʃɪŋ] 1) а) порка rip to pieces разнести в пух и прах shouting ['ʃautɪŋ] крики be a match for быть достойным противником gut [gʌt] / 1. 1) а) кишка garter ['gɑːtə] / 1. 1) а) подвязка б) подтяжки (для брюк) mincemeat ['mɪn(t)smiːt] мелко порубленное мясо in a row кряду, подряд on the trot, on the bounce подряд
You are describing your new i-Pod to a friend. You are very impressed with it.It is of excellent quality.It's really good.It's top notch; it's super cool; it's the business.
There is a fight in the street. You tell a friend to ignore it and not to do anything.Refrain from intervening.Don't get involved.Keep out of it.
You are in an abandoned house. You suddenly feel a desire to be violent and destroy things.Let us cause some extensive physical damage to this house.Let's destroy the place.Let's trash the place; lets rip this place apart; let's tear it down.
You are with a friend, trying to decide what to do in the evening. You want to go out, but your friend wants to stay at home. In the end, your friend tells you that you should decide.It is your decision.You choose; it's up to you; you decide.You call the shots; it's your call; you're the boss.
A friend is happy because she has just won 4 , 000 euros. However, you are not impressed at all.That fails to impress me.And?So what? Big deal! And what's the good news?
You are talking with a work colleague. You describe how a mutual friend, Susan, really likes her new boyfriend.Susan is really attracted to him.She really likes him.She likes him big time; she's really into him; she's really keen on him.
The office photocopier has broken again. You tell a friend about this.The photocopier is malfunctioning again.The photocopier has broken down again.The photocopier is on the blink again; it's giving us grief.
impress with производить впечатление top notch результат высшего класса, качества fight [faɪt] драка ignore [ɪg'nɔː] / 1) игнорировать, пренебрегать refrain [rɪ'freɪn] / I (refrain from) а) воздерживаться от (чего-л.) intervene [ˌɪntə'viːn] / 1) вмешиваться; вклиниваться, вступаться; вставать между involve [ɪn'vɔlv] / 1) а) привлекать, вовлекать, втягивать keep out 1) (keep out of) не позволять (чего-л.) to keep children out of mischief — не давать детям шалить 2) (keep out of) оставаться в стороне от (чего-л.) , не вмешиваться во (что-л.) abandoned [ə'bændənd] / 1) заброшенный, покинутый destroy [dɪ'strɔɪ] / 1) разрушать, рушить cause I [kɔːz] / 1. 1) причинять trash [træʃ] разгромить rip apart ломать, уничтожать it's up to you Вам решать call the shots командовать, распоряжаться win [wɪn] 1. ; , won 1) победить, выиграть So what? И что? Ну и что? big deal ['bɪgˌdiːl] Вот невидаль! mutual friend — общий друг attract [ə'trækt] привлекать, притягивать big time очень be into любить keen on увлекаться; интересоваться malfunction [ˌmæl'fʌŋkʃ(ə)n] 1. неисправнo работать on the blink 1) в плохом состоянии, не в порядке give grief огорчать
You are talking with a friend. You have been joking; however, your friend thinks you are being serious. You tell him you aren 't.I was jesting.I was joking; I wasn't serious.I was just kidding; I was just messing around.
You are talking to a business colleague who is going away for a few months. You tell her that you'll keep her informed of anything that happens.We will keep you aware of any changes.We'll let you know what's going on.We'll keep you in the loop.
A friend bought a new car and tells you how much she paid. You think it cost a lot.That was a touch overpriced.That was expensive.That was a bit steep; that was a bit pricey; that wasn't cheap.
You are talking about a very rich friend of yours.He is extremely wealthy.He's rich.He's got bags of money; he's loaded; he's minted.
You are talking about a married couple. You are explaining how it is the wife who controls the finances and money in the relationship.She is the one who controls the finances.She's in charge when it comes to money.She holds the purse strings; she wears the trousers.
You are talking about a friend who you think is very intelligent.She is well-endowed with a proficient mind.She's clever.She's smart; she's bright.
You are explaining a situation to a friend in which you took a big risk, but you were successful.It was a delicate matter, but we managed to find success.It was risky, but we were successful.It was a long shot but we pulled it off; it was touch and go, but we brought it off; we had our ups and downs but it came off well.
jest [ʤest] шутить, подшучивать, подтрунивать be kidding разыгрываить, шутить go away уезжать keep informed держать в курсе aware [ə'weə] / ; знающий, осведомлённый go on случаться, происходить, иметь место in the loop в курсе  (событий) a touch немного overprice 1. завышать цену (назначать на что-л. неоправданно высокую цену) ; переоценивать, оценивать слишком высоко (в прямом или переносном смысле) steep [stiːp] чрезмерный, непомерно высокий steep prices — завышенные цены pricey ['praɪsɪ] ; дорогой be loaded при деньгах minted при бабле in charge (of)(быть) ответственным за кого-либо, что-либо; нести ответственность; руководящий; ответственный when it comes to когда дойдёт до purse strings ['pɜːsˌstrɪŋz] финансовые ресурсы hold the purse strings — контролировать расходы, распоряжаться финансами wears the trousers принимать решения, быть главным well-endowed [ˌwelɪn'daʊd]  хорошо наделённый(одарённый) proficient [prə'fɪʃ(ə)nt] / 1. искусный, опытный, умелый successful [sək'sesf(ə)l, -ful] / 1) благополучный, счастливый, удачный, успешный a long shot смелая попытка, крупное дело, что-либо, имеющее мало шансов на успех pull off добиться успеха, несмотря на трудности; справиться с задачей touch and go на волосок от чего-л. , опасная ситуация bring off успешно завершать ups and downs подъёмы и спуски come off удаваться; проходить с успехом
A friend asks what you think of something. You have no interest in the topic.It really interests me very little.It isn’t important to me.I couldn’t care less about it. Whatever!
A friend really likes to go out at night and do things in excess.She likes to enjoy herself at night.She likes to go out and have a good time.She parties hard. She parties like a rockstar.
A friend is very excited and slightly hysterical about something. You tell him to calm down.Please make an attempt to enter a state of repose.Calm down.Chill out. Don’t get your pantyhose in a bunch (US). Don’t get your knickers in a twist.
You show a friend something that you think will really impress him.This is going to impress you.You’ll be amazed at this.This is gonna knock your socks off. This is out of this world.
A friend is very forgetful.She is somewhat absent minded.She’s really forgetful.She’s a scatterbrain. She’s a feather brain.
A friend is trying to act very “masculine”.He is attempting to act in a manly fashion.He’s getting all macho.He’s being a tough guy.
I couldn’t care less about it Мне это до лампочки whatever [wɔt'evə] пофиг, до фонаря!  do things in excess заниматься чрезмерно party ['pɑːtɪ] отрываться (танцевать, веселиться) на вечеринке calm down успокаиваться; успокаивать repose [rɪ'pəuz] отдых, передышка chill out успокаиваться get pantyhose in a bunch не нервничай pantyhose колготки bunch [bʌnʧ] / 1. 1) связка; пучок; пачка knickers ['nɪkəz] 1. ; а) ; = knickerbockers б) дамские панталоны, трусики twist [twɪst] узел get your knickers in a twist переживать по пустякам impress I 1. ['ɪmpres] произвести впечатление amazed [ə'meɪzd] изумлённый, поражённый knock your socks off сногшибательно out of this world неземной, великолепный forgetful [fə'getf(ə)l, -ful] / 1) забывчивый; забывающий absent minded рассеянный; поглощённый мыслями scatterbrain ['skætəbreɪn] ; вертопрах, легкомысленный и рассеянный человек feather-brained пустоголовый masculine ['mæskjulɪn] / 1. 1) мужской, принадлежащий мужчине 2) мужской, мужественный manly ['mænlɪ] / 1) мужественный, отважный, смелый, храбрый tough guy крутой чувак