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32 Making small talk

 Kerri, from Ireland, is at a party in a friend's home. Listen to two conversations (A and B) she has with people she meets. Choose the correct answer.

a talks about himself?             Tim / Nick
b responds to information?   Tim / Nick
c doesn't ask questions?         Tim / Nick
d shows interest?                     Tim / Nick
e asks lots of questions?         Tim / Nick


cancellation [ˌkæn(t)s(ə)'leɪʃ(ə)n] 1) аннулирование; отмена
cheers ['ʧɪəz]  пока!
accent 1. ['æks(ə)nt] 1) акцент, произношение



Tim: Hi, I'm Tim. 

Kerri: Hi, I'm Kerri. I'm a friend of Michael's. 

Tim: Right .. Great party. 

Kerri: Yes, it is.Tim : I like the music. 

Kerri: Me too.Tim : I'm in a band, actually. 

Kerri: Oh, really? 

Tim: Yes, we're quite good. Rock and roll. 

Kerri: Hmm, really? 

Tim: Yes, we play in pubs and places. I'm freetonight, though. There was a cancellation. 

Kerri: I see. Oh, I think I see a friend overthere. Nice talking to you, Tim. 

Tim: Oh, right. Er yeah. Cheers, then.


Nick: Hi, I'm Nick. 

Kerri: Hi, I'm Kerri. I'm a friend of Michael's. 

Nick: Me too. So, how do you know Michael? 

Kerri: We work in the same department. 

Tim: Oh, I see. How long have you workedthere? 

Kerri: Nearly a year. 

Tim: Great. Are you enjoying it? 

Kerri: It's OK. Every day's different, you know. 

Nick: Sounds good. Great party, isn't it? 

Kerri: Yeah, it's really good. 

Nick: Sorry for asking but ... is that an Irishaccent? 

Kerri: Yes, I come from Dublin originally. 

Nick: Do you? That's great. They say it's areally fun city. 

Kerri: Yes, it is. Have you ever been to Dublin? 

Nick: No, but I've always wanted to go. It's notexpensive, is it? 

Kerri: Well, prices have been going up...