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24 At a bank

Listen to ten office workers in London ask for services at a bank. What does each person want to do? Complete the notes.
a open an  --account
b order a new ----------------------------
ccheck his ---------------------------------
d pay a cheque into her ---------------
send some money -------------------
f deposit money into his --------------
g pay his electricity ---------------------
h buy some --------------------------------
i arrange an --------------------------------

Now listen to four replies. Match each reply (1-4) with one of the services requested above.

1  ----------------------------------     
2  ----------------------------------
3  ----------------------------------
4  ----------------------------------

 Dialogue 1

(a= French; b = Saudi; c =American;d = Italian; e =Australian; f = Russian;h =German; i =Japanese; j = Indian) 
a Hello. I'd like to open an account, please. 
b My chequebook's run out. Can I order anew one, please? 
c Can I check my balance, please?d I'd like to pay this cheque into my currentaccount, please. 
e Can I send some money abroad from here? 
f I want to deposit this money into mysavings account. 
g Can I pay my electricity bill here? 
h I'd like to buy some traveller's cheques,please.Could I see someone to arrange anoverdraft, please? 
i I need to order a new bank card. I've lostmine.


account [ə'kaunt] / 1. 1) счёт (в банке)
current account 1) ; ; checking account ; chequing account текущий счёт
run out 1) кончаться, иссякать
deposit [dɪ'pɔzɪt] / 1. 1) класть в банк
savings account сберегательный счёт
electricity bill  счёт на электроэнергию
traveller's cheque ; ; traveler's check ; дорожный чек
overdraft ['əuvədrɑːft] 1) превышение кредита (в банке)

 Dialogue 2

1 Yes, of course. I'll need to see some form ofidentification, such as your passport, or drivinglicence ... and proof of your address, so a utilitybill with your name and address. 
2 Oh, dear. Well, I can certainly order areplacement for you here, but you need totelephone our 24-hour emergency number toreport it, if you haven't done that already. 
3 Yes, of course. Can I have your paying-in slipand your bank card, too, please? Do you have aRegular Saver or a Bonus Saver account? 
4 Yes, you can, but utility bills take sevenworking days to go through. Is that all right?

identification [aɪˌdentɪfɪ'keɪʃ(ə)n]  установление личности
proof [pruːf] доказывать
utility bill utility (gas and electric, water) bill счёт за пользование коммунальными услугами
replacement [rɪ'pleɪsmənt] / 1) а) замена
gency number номер экстренного вызова
report [rɪ'pɔːt] / 1. 1) а) сообщать
paying-in slip , платежная расписка , квитанция о внесении средств
go through быть одобренным