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49 Receiving a call

Listen and complete each expression below

1 Hello, Tim _______
2 Can I take _______
3 Hang on. I'll _______ his office for you.
4 No, sorry. The _______
5 Hello ______.Jane Carston.
6 ______to leave a message?
7 I'll just put  ______
8 I'm afraid he's ______


hang on ждать (обычно у телефона) 
try [traɪ] / 1. 1) пытаться, делать попытку; стараться 
engaged [ɪn'geɪʤd, en-] / 1) занятый 
take a message записать сообщение 
call back позвонить ещё раз, позже 
put through 1 соединять (по телефону) 
leave a message оставить сообщение

Conversation 1 (Tim= Canadian) 
Tim: Hello, Tim speaking. 
Judy: Hi, Tim. It's Judy. Is Mike there? 
Tim: Hang on. I'll try his office for you .... No,sorry. The line's engaged. 
Judy: Oh, right. 
Tim: Can I take a message? 
Judy: No, it's OK. I'l l call back later.

Conversation 2 (Hugo= Spanish) 

Jane: Hello. This is Jane Garston. 
Hugo: Hello. I'd like to speak to Brian Cardew,please. 
Jane: I'll just put you through . I'm afraid he's on another call right now. 
Hugo: Oh, well, um . 
Jane: Would you like to leave a message?
Hugo: No, that's fine. I'll send him an email. 
Jane: OK. Thanks for calling.