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42 Management


Listen as Colin describes the managementorganization of his company. Complete the chart.


HQ Headquarters Штаб 

head [hed] возглавлять 

chairman ['ʧeəmən] председатель 

CEO ['siːiːəu] ; от Chief Executive Officer 1) (главный) исполнительный директор 

in charge of ответственный за 

division [dɪ'vɪʒ(ə)n] подразделение 

human resources HR , персонал 

CUSTOMER SERVICE обслуживание покупателей 

product management , управление производством товара 

R and D reasearch and developement исследования и разработки 

(Speaker= Australian) 
Our company structure here at HQ is fairlytraditional. We are headed by the companyChairman, and under him are the Presidentand the CEO. The CEO is in charge of three'divisions; Strategy and Planning, HumanResources and Customer Services. ThePresident has control of four divisions.Operations, which is made up of the ProductManagement and R and D departments;Technical Services which includes the QualityControl and Technical Support departments... the Business Development division, whichincludes Sales and Marketing, and finally thereis my division, Finance, which stands by itself.