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Making a call

Listen to two conversations.Answer the questions

Conversation 1 
a What company is Norman Silvers from?
Why can't he speak to Mr Fredericks?
d What message does he leave?
Conversation 2
e What department does Charlie call?
f Why does he ask to speak to Sharon?
g Why isn't Sharon available?
h What message does he leave?


investment [ɪn'vestmənt] / 1) инвестирование 
be available присутствовать 
accounts бухгалтерия 
check [ʧek] / 1. 1) = check out / up проверять, сверять 
sales report отчет о продажах, торговый отчет 
be out выйти ненадолго 
get in вернуться (домой

Conversation 1 
A: Hello, Smart Finance Limited. 
B: Hello. This is Norman Silvers from Highgate Investments. Would it be possible to speakto Mr Fredericks, please? 
A: I'm afraid he's in meetings all morning. 
B: I see. Will he be available this afternoon? 
A: Yes. He should be free after lunch. 
B: Could you ask him to call me? It's very important. 
A: Certainly. Norman Silvers, wasn't it? 
B: Yes, from Highgate Investments. He has my contact details. 
A: Very good. I'll make sure he gets the message. 
B: Thanks very much. Goodbye.
Conversation 2 
A: Hello, Accounts. 
B: Hi, it's Charlie. I need to check some figures from the sales report. Is Sharon there? 
A: Nope. She's out of the office at the moment. 
B: Do you know when she'll be back? 
A: No, I'm afraid not. 
B: Well, when she gets in can you say I called? 
A: Sure. No problem. 
B: Thanks a lot. Bye.