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46 Handling customer complaints

Listen to conversations and complete the sentences below. 

Conversation 1
a I'm very sorry for_____________________
b I'm afraid we've been________________
c Please give me a moment and________
d I'll get onto it_________________________ 
Conversation 2
e I do apologize for ____________________________
а I know, but unfortunately we've been having_____
g Could you bear with me__________________________
h I'l l sort it out _____________________________________

receive [rɪ'siːv] / 1) а) получить 
order ['ɔːdə] заказывать 
Oh dear Боже мой 
urgent ['ɜːʤ(ə)nt] / 1) срочный, неотложный 
recently ['riːs(ə)ntlɪ] / недавно; на днях, в последнее время 
process I ['prəuses] перерабатыватьget into заняться
account [ə'kaunt] / 1. 1) счёт 
fit [fɪt] подходить 
mix-up ['mɪksʌp] ; 1) неразбериха, путаница 
sort out 1) решать (проблему 
instead [ɪn'sted] / вместо 
right away сразу, тотчас же; немедленно 
delivery [dɪ'lɪv(ə)rɪ] / 1) поставка, доставка 
make up for компенсировать

Conversation l (B = French)

Conversation l (B = French) 

A: Hello, Life and Times Book Club. Angelaspeaking. How may I help you? 

B: Hello, yes. I still haven't received the book Iordered two weeks ago, I'm afraid. 

A: Oh dear. I'm very sorry for the delay. 

B: The thing is, I need it urgently. 

A: I'm afraid we've been very busy recentlyand . .. 

B: Can you tell me when will I get it? 

A: Please give me a moment and I'll check.What's your order number? 

B: It's, er ... GHY723.

A: Right. You ordered Stress Management .£ 14.99.B: That's right. 

A: I can see what's happened. We receivedyour order on the ... 23rd, but it hasn't beenprocessed yet. I'll get onto it immediately. 

B: You mean you haven't sent it yet? 

A: No. Like I say, the order hasn't beenprocessed.B: But you will send it today, won't you? 

A: I can't guarantee it. It's already after three,you see. 

B: Is that the best you can do?A: I'm afraid so. Is there anything else? 

B: No, that's all. Thank you.A: Bye.

Conversation 2 (B = Indian

A: Hello. Home and Office Supplies. Can I helpyou? 

B: Yes, it's Thomson Electronics here. We havean account with you. 

A: Oh yes. How can I help? 

B: We've just had some printer cartridgesdelivered but they're the wrong ones. Theydon't fit. 

A: Oh dear. I do apologize for the mix-up. 

B: I don't know how you could've got it wrong.We order from you all the time. 

A: I know, but unfortunately we've beenhaving computer problems. 

B: Well, how can we sort this out? 

A: Could you bear with me a moment, please?... Ah yes, I have the order here. You want25 HP356 printer cartridges. Is that correct? 

B: Yes, that's right. But you've sent us 25HP56 cartridges instead. 

A: I see. I'll sort it out right away and we'll postthe order special delivery. 

B: Thanks. 

A: I'll put a £30 credit on your account tomake up for the inconvenience, as well. Isthat al l right? 

B: Oh, that's very nice. Thanks. 

A: Not at all. It was our mistake. Can I help youwith anything else? 

B: No thanks. That's it. Bye. 

A: Goodbye.