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Диалог 2 Celebrations

   Listen and circle the correct answer. 

1 What are Jack and Will celebrating? 

a Jack’s father got better after being unwell. 
b Jack’s getting a pay-rise at work. 
c Jack’s changing jobs. 
d Jack’s getting a new girlfriend. 
 2 What does the woman buy in the shop? 
a She doesn’t really want to buy anything. 
b She buys a pair of pink trainers. 
c She’d like some shoes but they haven’t got the right size. 
d A pair of size 7 shoes. 
 3 Which of the following things does the guest NOT eat or drink? 
a Prawns because he’s allergic. 
b Regular coffee – he only drinks decaf. 
c Apple pie and ice cream. 
d Mineral water if it’s cold. 
 4 Which news does the newsreader mention? 
a A Swiss company has stopped selling its new cancer drug. 
b The local art gallery thieves went to court. 
c A businessman gave money to the International Space Station for science. 
d Barcelona won the Champions League Final. 
5 Where does Chris want to go? 
a To the airport. 
b Into town. 
c To the bus station. 
d To meet his friend.

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