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Диалог 21

Look at the statements below. Tick True or False for each statement. 
Then listen again and check your answers.

a The blotches are all over Sharon's body. 
b They are getting worse. 
c She noticed them two weeks ago. 
d She also has a rash, which is very itchy. 
e It's caused by an allergic reaction to her cat. 
f The doctor prescribes some tablets. 
g He expects both problems to clear up quickly. 
h Sharon has to go back in two weeks. 
Hi there! Привет! 
blotch [blɔʧ]/ 1. 1) прыщ 
fortnight ['fɔːtnaɪt]/ две недели 
rash I [ræʃ] 1) сыпь 
angry ['æŋgrɪ]) воспалённый, покрасневший (о ране, язве) 
scratch [skræʧ]) чесать, расчёсывать 
itchy ['ɪʧɪ] вызывающий зуд; зудящий 
not that I know of насколько мне известно, нет 
for quite a while довольно долго 
clear up проходить (о болезни) 
get better улучшаться