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Диалог 10 Лекарства от болезней

Listen again and put one word in each gap.  

In Saudi Arabia what you do if you have the ___flu____ is you drinkb abunej. It's a kind of hot drink. It's made with camomile, which is a herb.You drink it very ___________ and you sometimes have it with lots of___________. You get vitamin C from that.

In Japan if you have a ___________ we use daikon, a Chinese radish. It's a bit like a large white ___________.We grind the Chinese radish and put honey on it and leave it for a while. Then we wait until the ___________ comes out and then we ___________ it.

In Brazil if you're not well, you've got a cold or flu or somethinglike that, well garlic is really important. You have a glass of ___________ and you put a little garlic in it and mix it together. Every ___________ you drink ___________ or ___________ spoonfuls of the liquid.I don't know if it works but we try it.

flu [fluː] ; ; от influenza грипп 
camomile ['kæməmaɪl]/ ; ; = chamomile 1) ромашкаherb [hɜːb]/ 1) трава, (лекарственное) растение 
sore throat больное горло 
daikon ['daɪkɔn] ; ; дайкон, японская редька 
grind [graɪnd]/ 1. ; , ground 1) а) молоть, перемалывать; 
for a while на время 
come out выходитьgarlic ['gɑːlɪk]/ ; чеснок