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54 Charts and statistics

Kirsty Mclellan works for the Ministry of Tourism in New Zealand. She is giving a talk to her colleagues on some recent research. Tick the main topic of each slide.

The importance of tourism to New Zealand __ 
International visitor arrivals __ 
Market strengths and weaknesses __
The history of the Australian market __ 
Reasons for growth of the Australian market __ 
The importance of the Australian market __

New Zealand's secret of success __ 
Reasons for travel to New Zealand __ 
The best place for a holiday __

(Kirsty = New Zealand) 

So, let's consider where we expect to see visitors coming from in 2012. You can see from this chart that we anticipate the vast majority of our visitors to continue to come from our neighbour Australia. Other significant markets are the UK which we have included along with Nordic countries and Ireland, North-East Asia, principally Japan, and the Americas, notably the US of course. Let's take a closer look at our biggest market by far, Australia. This graph shows that visitor numbers from Australia will continue to rise. Growth here will remain steady, as it has been for the last twenty and more years. We expect this to continue, thanks to a combination of low air fares and aggressive marketing by our Ministry of Tourism in Australia. With total growth around 30 per сent annum we expect numbers from Australia will get up to around 1.2 million. As for why people come here, we don't expect that to fluctuate much at all. What we can see here is that we expect almost no change in fact, with the top reason continuing to remain holiday, where it's mainly sightseeing and outdoor activities that are of interest, and then the principal other reasons ... visiting friends and relatives and business.

anticipate [æn'tɪsɪpeɪt]/ 1) ожидать, предвидеть 
vast majority подавляющее, абсолютное большинство 
significant [sɪg'nɪfɪkənt]/ 1. 1) значительный, важный 
notably ['nəutəblɪ]/ 1) исключительно, особенно, в особенности 
close look тщательное рассмотрение 
by far явно, общепризнанно, безоговорочно 
graph I [grɑːf ], [græf]/ 1. 1) график, диаграмма 
airfare ['eəfeə] стоимость авиаперелёта 
growth [grəuθ]/ 1) развитие, рост 
per annum annum год 
fluctuate ['flʌkʧueɪt ], [-tju-]/ быть неустойчивым, меняться; колебаться