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53 Starting a meeting

David is Managing Director of AvocetIndustries, a large international chemical company. He is chairing an important strategy meeting. Listen to him start the meeting and complete the expressions he uses below. 

a Perhaps we can  get started 
b First, _____________you all for coming. 
c I'd _____________ welcome ...  
d The _____________this meeting is 
e You _____________ the agenda that 
OK, everyone? Erm .. Perhaps we can getstarted. We have a lot to get through over thenext couple of days. First, let me thank you allfor coming. I know some of you have travelleda long way. I'd especially like to welcomeJavier and Ian who've come from Spain to behere, and Inessa for interrupting her holiday.As you know, the purpose of this meeting isto come up with some recommendations forturning things around in the light of appallingsales figures for the last quarter. You can seefrom the agenda that we have severaI items tocover. Namely, falling European sales, increasedcompetition in our domestic market ..


get started начинать
get through 1) справиться
interrupt [ˌɪntə'rʌpt] / 1) обрывать, прерывать
come up with придумывать
turn around 1) изменить 2) улучшаться
appal [ə'pɔːl] / ; ; appall ужасать
sales figures данные об объёме продаж
quarter ['kwɔːtə] квартал
agenda [ə'ʤendə] / от agendum ; 1) программа (работы) , план (мероприятий) 2) повестка дня (собрания)
competition [ˌkɔmpə'tɪʃ(ə)n] конкуренция
domestic market 1) внутренний [национальный] рынок