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52 Meeting

Listen to this extract from later in the meeting. The item being discussed is a proposal to close the company's operations in France and Germany. What does each person think of the suggestion? Tick your answers.
                         Agree        Disagree       Partly agree

(Javier = Spanish) 

David: So, I'd like to know what everyone thinks about the Board's proposal to pull out of France and Germany? How do you feel about it, Inessa?
Inessa: Well, David, I think it's a bold move and it's probably the way we need to go, so yes, I'm in favour of it.
David: Hmm. Javier, what are your thoughts? Javier: I agree to some extent, but there are considerable costs involved. For example...
Ian: Sorry, can I come in here?
David: Could you let Javier finish, please Ian? Javier, you were saying?
Javier: Yes, thanks. The costs are huge. It will cost over five million just to close our branches there and we can't guarantee the move will succeed. It's risk I'm not completely opposed to it but, er, you know ...
David: Ian, you wanted to say something?
Ian: Yes, Javier I see your point, but, well, basically I'm not very keen on the idea at all. As well as the costs, we need to consider our long term future. We need to expand our European operations, not close them down!
Inessa: Perhaps we should consider just closing down the least profitable of our branches in France and Germany.
Javier: I have no problem with that. What do you think, David?
David: Well, I can see pros and cons each way. It's quite a mixed picture.
Ian: I can't agree to that, I'm afraid. Like Isay, I think we need to stay in France and Germany. That's where our future lies.
David: Right. Does anyone have anything else to add? OK, then. I think I need to pass all your thoughts on to the Board for further review. Clearly, we can't come to a unanimous decision here. Now, shall we move on?


proposal [prə'pəuz(ə)l] / 1) а) предложение 
pull out выйти из какого-л. предприятия, отказаться от участия (в чём-л.) 
feel about думать, оценивать 
bold [bəuld] / 1) отважный, смелый, храбрый 
be in favour of быть за 
to some extent до некоторой степени 
considerable [kən'sɪd(ə)rəbl] значительный 
costs ; затраты, расходы, издержки 
involve [ɪn'vɔlv] включать в себя 
come in (come in on / with) присоединяться, подключаться 
huge [hjuːʤ] / большой 
succeed [sək'siːd] иметь успех 
oppose [ə'pəuz] / 1) а) быть против, возражать 
keen on увлекаться; интересоваться 
expand [ɪk'spænd, ek-] / 1) а) растягиваться, расширяться 
pros and cons [ˌprəǔzən'kɒnz] ; за и против 
lie [laɪ] лежать, находиться 
add [æd] / 1) прибавлять, присоединять; добавлять 
unanimous [juː'nænɪməs] / единогласный, единодушный