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51 Make it more exact

 Imagine you take the following five calls.Listen and use one of the expressions below to help overcome each difficulty you come up against. 

a Would you mind spelling that for me? 
b Sorry. Can you run that by me again? 
c Could you speak up, please? 
d I think we have bad connection. I'll call you back. 
e Could you speak a little slower, please?
a I'm sorry, I think I pressed the wrong extension. Can you put me through to...
b Peter called earlier. He's trying to get some figures together and he wants you to see him at five o'clock in his office if possible.
c If Mr Banks calls, then tell him I'm in a meeting will you, and after you've typed up the Vicks report this morning, I'd like you to first arrange a meeting with Mike at Fed Ex for sometime next week, and then book a flight to New York leaving before midday tomorrow.
d Please tell her that Machiko Katsumata called.
e If Mrs Henries calls ... most important.don't agree until .. . meet first ... 10th at the earliest.


press [pres] / I 1. 1) а) жать, нажимать 

extension [ɪk'sten(t)ʃ(ə)n добавочный номер 

get together приводить в порядок 

figure ['fɪgə] цифра 

type [taɪp] печатать 

arrange [ə'reɪnʤ] организовывать 

book [buk] бронировать 

flight [flaɪt] / I 1. 1) а) полёт