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50 Difficulty in understanding

Listen to five people speaking on thephone. Why is it difficult to understand each speaker? Match each speaker (a-e) with a reason (1-5). 
1 The speaker has an unfamiliar name.
2 There is too much background noise.
3 The speaker is talking too softly
4 The speaker gives too much information all at once.
5 The line quality is poor.


personnel [ˌpɜːs(ə)'nel] / 1) персонал, кадры 
department [dɪ'pɑːtmənt] / 1) отдел; 
advertise ['ædvətaɪz] / ; = advertize 1) рекламировать 
definitely ['def(ə)nətlɪ] определённо 
delivery [dɪ'lɪv(ə)rɪ] / 1) поставка 
at the latest самое позднее 
mean [miːn] значить 
relocate [ˌriːləu'keɪt] 1) перемещать 
available [ə'veɪləbl] / 1) доступный; имеющийся в распоряжении

b = Kuwaiti; e =Chinese) 
a Hello. I'd like to speak to Mr Watson in thePersonnel Department please about theposition advertised in the local paper. Ifyou...
b My name? Yes of course. It's HashemAghajari. I'm calling about...
c So we definitely need this order by the 6th.
d The thing I want to ... stress is ... that the delivery should be ... made ... on the 20that the latest...
e So that means all five of us need to be there on the fourth by three or at the latest four or else the meeting about ZX34 transitplans in Room 21 will have to relocate to my office on the seventh floor which is available until six ... Got it?