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47 Problems in the office

Listen to Pilar andMartin deal with a routineproblem at the office.Answer the questions. 

a What's the problem?
b What do they do?
c What was the ca useof the problem?


give a hand помочь 

keep pressing родолжать нажимать 

flash [flæʃ] вспыхивать 

stick [stɪk]; и stuck застрять 

be worth стоить (сделать что-либо) 

pull [pul] / 1. 1) а) тянуть, тащить 

lever ['liːvə] / 1. 1) а) рычаг 

sort (out) [sɔːt] исправлять

(Pilar = Brazilian; Martin= American) 

Martin: Pilar. There's something wrong with this photocopier. I keep pressing the button but it won't do anything. 

Pilar: Oh dear. Do you want me to give you a hand, Martin? 

Martin: Thanks. Have you any idea what this symbol means? The one flashing here. 

Pilar: Maybe it means there is some paper stuck inside. It might be worth opening it and having a look. 

Martin: How do I do that? 

Pilar: You could try pulling that lever there.That's the one. 

Martin: Oh yes. You're right. There is somepaper stuck in here. Thanks a lot. I think that's sorted it now.