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45 Good Job

Listen to Kim talking about her friend's job. Underline the answers she gives. 

What's  her name?
What does she do?
Who cloes she work for?
What time does she start work?
How much does she earn?
What cloes she love about her job?


exercise ['eksəsaɪz] упражнение,тренировка 
self-employed [ˌselfɪm'plɔɪd] 1.самозанятый 
earn [ɜːn] / 1) зарабатывать 
reasonably ['riːz(ə)nəblɪ] / 1) разумно,здраво 2) умеренно 3) довольно 
salary ['sæl(ə)rɪ] / жалованье, заработнаяплата 
charge [ ɑː] назначать, запрашиватьцену 
number ['nʌmbə] / 1. 1) число; сумма,цифра 2) (numbers) ; арифметика 3)количество  
My friend Hannah has the best job in the world - she's a personal trainer. She has about ten clients, and she writes an exercise programme for each person.She doesn't work for anybody - she's self-employed. She starts work very early every day because some of her clients like to do exercise before they go to work. I think she starts her first client at seven o'clock in the morning. I think it's a great job, because Hannah loves sport and so she gets money for doing what she loves. She earns a reasonably good salary. I think she charges £35 an hour, so her salary depends on the number of hours she works. She loves her job because she helps people to get fit and healthy. I'd love to do her job, because she doesn't have to work in an office all day and she doesn't have to go to the gym in her free time either. She's her own boss so she can go on holiday when she wants, and she always looks fantastic in a swimming costume.