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43 Meeting friends

 Listen to three conversations between friends. Are the following statements true or false?

a) Cathy meets her friends by chance.
b) The friends are all in a hurry.
c) Cathy makes plans to meet her friends again.


What have you been up tolately? чем занимался впоследнее время? 
this and that всякая всячина 
dash [dæʃ] / I 1. 1) бросаться, мчаться,нестись 
Sorry, I have to / must dash(off) now. — Извини, мнепора 
stranger ['streɪn ə] / 1)незнакомец 
What are you up to thesedays? Чем ты занимаешься в последнеевремя? 
keep busy не сидеть сложаруки 
come over 1) = come by заезжать, заходить(ненадолго) 
Why don't you come overto our place one evening? —Почему бы тебе не заглянуть к нам как-нибудь вечером? 
takе it easy отдыхатьThe doctor told me to takeit easy for a few weeks.


Cathy: Hey! How's it going?
Harry: Not bad. What have you been up to lately?
Cathy: What have you been up to lately?
Harry:  I haven't done a lot really./ Not a lot, really. What about you? 
Cathy: Oh, I've been doing this and that./ Oh, this and that. 
Harry: Look, I must dash - I'll give you a call.
Cathy: Hello, stranger!
Jim: Cathy! How's life?
Cathy: Great! What are you up to these days?
Jim: Oh, keeping busy, you know. / Oh, I'm keeping busy, you know.
Cathy: You must come over for dinner some time.
Jim: That would be lovely. Better get back to the office. See you.
Cathy:  Hi. How are things?
Ed: Fine. What about you?
Cathy: Oh, things are pretty good. /Oh, pretty good. Are you doing anything special at the weekend?
Ed: No, just taking it easy. / No, I'mjust taking it easy.
Cathy: Me too.
Ed: Look, I'm afraid I can't stop. Take care.