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39 Understanding detailed requirements

 Mark is the sales manager at The Meller Centre. Listen as he takes a call from a client asking about organizing a conference there. Answer the questions.

a What event does the client want to hold?

b How many days will it last?

cHas the client used The M0ller Centre before?

d Which of these items are provided at no extra charge?

a whiteboard                               a flip chart    

delegate pads/pencils                 water

newspapers                                wireless Intern et access


annual ['ænjuəl] / 1. ежегодный 
sales [seɪlz] торговый 
come up приближаться 
check [ʧek] / 1. 1) = check out / up проверять, сверять 
booking sheet протокол, ведомость о регистрации 
fire away начинай; давай 
 inclusive [ɪn'kluːsɪv] / 1) включающий 
senior ['siːnɪə] / 1. 1) а) Snr, Sr. старший 
Got that? Понятно? 
 single ['sɪŋgl] / 1. 1) один 
I guess Наверное[ думаю] 
double ['dʌbl] / 1. 1) двойной 
grateful ['greɪtf(ə)l, -ful] / 1) а) благодарный 
extra ['ekstrə] / 1. 1) добавочный, дополнительный 
as well так же 
wheelchair ['(h)wiːlʧeə] а) инвалидная коляска 
ground floor ['graundˌflɔː] 1)
first floor нижний, цокольный этаж; первый этаж 
rather than а не 
shower I ['ʃəuə] душ 
bath [bɑːθ] 1. 1) ванна 
appreciate [ə'priːʃɪeɪt] быть признательным, благодарным 
training room тренинг-зал 
hold [həuld] вмещать 
seat [siːt] вмещать 
full board [ˌful'bɔːd] полный пансион 
assume [ə's(j)uːm] допускать, предполагать 
refreshment [rɪ'freʃmənt] / 1) восстановление сил; отдых 
make a note делать заметки 
data ['deɪtə] данные, факты, сведения; информация 
Mark: Hello, The Meller Centre. Marks peaking. How can I help you?
Client: Hello, Mark. It's Natasha Peters herefrom ARG in London.
Mark: Oh hello, Natasha. How are you?
Client: Oh, I'm fine, thanks. Busy as always. We've got our annual sales conference coming up again and I just need to check a few things.
Mark: OK, well let me just get my booking sheet and ... OK, fire away! Dates first, yes?
Client: Yes. It'll be from the 5th to the 9th ofJuly, inclusive.
Mark: So that's five nights. Yes, we can do that.
Client: Great. There'll be 34 this time. That's 19 men and 15 women, plus myself as organizerof course ... oh and two senior HR peopleas well.
Mark: OK .. got that. All in single rooms?
Client: Yes ... er no. Actually, Sally and James just got married, so I guess they'd want adouble. And I'd be grateful if you could give me a double room too please, if possible.
Mark: I'm sure we can do that for you. A bit of extra space is always welcome, isn't it? The HR people might prefer a double each as well.
Client: Oh, yes. Good idea. And one delegateis in a wheelchair, Mr Jackson. He'll need aroom on the ground floor.
Mark: Fine. You remember most of ourstandard single rooms have showers ratherthan baths?
Client: Yes, but I'd appreciate it if you could give us as many rooms with baths as you can.
Mark: OK. I'll see what we can do. What about training rooms?
Client: This year we need one large training room for us all and then three smaller rooms each holding around a dozen people. Is that possible?
Mark: Hmm ... let me see for those dates .Yes, I can give you the Shelley Room in the Study Centre, that seats fifty so you'll all befine in there, and Meeting Rooms C, E and F. They can manage a maximum of fifteen each.
Client: That sounds perfect.
Mark: It's full-board again, I assume, so breakfast, lunch and dinner each day?
Client: Yes, that's right. Can we have therefreshment breaks at 10.30 and 3.30, please?
Mark: OK, I'll make a note of that.
Client: We need computer data projectors and screens in all the rooms of course.