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38 Asking about attractions

 Mark is speaking to a travel agent about his next holiday. Listen and complete each question he asks.

Now listen to the travel agent's answers. Match each answer (1-10) with the correct question {a-j).

1________ 2________ 3 ________ 4 ________ 5 ________

6________ 7 ________ 8________ 9________ 10________

rate [reɪt] / I 1. 1) норма; размер; уровень; величина 
reasonable ['riːz(ə)nəbl] разумный 
by the way кстати, между прочим 
definitely ['def(ə)nətlɪ] определённо, точно, явно 
amazing [ə'meɪzɪŋ] / изумительный 
old-fashioned [ˌəuld'fæʃ(ə)nd] / 1) старомодный 
architecture ['ɑːkɪtekʧə] / 1) архитектура 
cable car ['keɪblˌkɑː] вагон канатной дороги, фуникулёра 
cosmopolitan [ˌkɔzmə'pɔlɪt(ə)n] / 1. 1) космополит 
bay [beɪ] / I 1) бухта, заливloads много 
miss [mɪs] пропуститьwharf [(h)wɔːf] / пристань; причал 
sea lion морской котик
pier [pɪə] / 1) мол; волнолом; дамба 
worth [wɜːθ] / I 1. 1) ценность, значение 
connect [kə'nekt] / 1) = connect up соединять; 
subway system подземная железная дорога, метро 
coach [kəuʧ] туравтобус 
hardly ever едва ли когда-нибудь; почти никогда 
sunbathe ['sʌnbeɪθ] загорать 
mild [maɪld] / 1) мягкийferry ['ferɪ] / 1. 1) перевоз, переправа Syn: crossing , passage 2) паром
1Well, the hotels aren't cheap, but if you don'tstay in the centre then you can get a goodhotel at very reasonable rates, and you caneat out quite cheaply if you know the rightplaces to go. The food is fantastic by the way.
2 The Golden Gate Bridge, for sure. You shoulddefinitely walk across it. It's amazing!
3 Er, the old-fashioned Victorian architecture,I guess, and the cable cars, of course. Thefood is very varied and cosmopolitan, andthe views, too, I guess, over the bay area.
4 Loads. There's the bay area, you mustn'tmiss that. There are lots of parks, greatshopping at Union Square. You shoulddefinitely go to Fisherman's Wharf, and thesea lions at Pier 39 are well worth a visit.You mustn't miss Chinatown, either. It'sthe biggest outside China with some greatmarkets. You have to stay there at least fivedays if you want to see everything.
5 Sure. There are three airports and they' re allwell connected. You can take the subwaysystem or coach, bus, train. No problem.
6 Yeah. You have to take a day trip to Alcatraz.It's quite expensive, but it's well worthvisiting.
7 Well, it's on the coast but it's not really thatkind of city. It's hardly ever hot enough tosunbathe or go swimming.
8 Anytime is good, but the warmest days areSeptember and October. It's generally quitemild, so you'll need a coat whenever you go.
9 You should definitely walk, and take a cablecar. It's the best way to see the city. Parking'sa problem, and anyway you don't really needa car. There are lots of ferries and buses, too.
10 Pretty good. It's not famous for it, though, soyou really ought to check what kind of placeyou want to go to. There are a few good livemusic bars, I guess.