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31 Participating in a discussion

 Listen to this extract from a companymeeting and choose the phrases you hear.
Could we perhaps ... ?
What / How about ... ing?
We might consider ... ing.
I suggest we . . .
I propose we . ..
Why don't we ... ?
Listen again. Choose the suggestionseach person accepts, and cross X thesuggestions they reject.
Suggestions                      Catherine   Mark   Julia  Peter
Spend more money
on marketing
Hire a new 


item ['aɪtəm] / 1. 1) а) пункт
agenda [ə'ʤendə] / от agendum ; 1) программа (работы) , план (мероприятий)
decline [dɪ'klaɪn] падение, спад; упадок
sales [seɪlz] продажи
consider [kən'sɪdə] / 1) рассматривать, обсуждать
come in присоединяться, подключаться
disagree [ˌdɪsə'griː] не соглашаться
be worth  стоить
come from исходить
increase 1. ['ɪnkriːs] 1) возрастать
propose [prə'pəuz] / 1) а) предлагать
sound [saund]  звучать
new blood свежая кровь
forward ['fɔːwəd] вперед
keen on   увлекаться, интересоваться,любить 


(Julie= American) 

Catherine: OK, so let's get started, shall we? Thefirst item on the agenda is what are we goingto do about the decline in sales? We have todo something. I'd like to start by asking Mark.

Mark: Well, we might consider spending moremoney on marketing.

Catherine: Hmm. Julie, do you have anythoughts?

Julie: I think that's a good idea. Moremarketing means more sales.

Peter: Sorry, can I come in here?

Catherine: Yes, Peter. Of course.

Peter: I couldn't disagree more with Julie andMark. Marketing is expensive, and we haveno guarantee that the costs will be worthit. Perhaps you can give us your opinion,Catherine?

Catherine: Yes, well, I can see where Mark andJulie are coming from, but I have a problemwith increasing our marketing budget for thesame reason that Peter has just given. Wecan't be sure of the results. I propose we hirea new sales manager. How do you feel aboutthat Mark?

Mark: That sounds reasonable to me. I thinksome new blood would be a good thing.Julie: I have no problem with that, either.

Catherine: So, Mark and Julie both think it's away forward. Peter?

Peter: Well, I'm afraid that's not how I see it,Catherine. Again, it means trying to spendour way out of this crisis and I'm not verykeen on that idea at all.