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З0 Getting it right

 Imagine you are a personal assistant.  While your boss is out of the office, five  people call and ask you to take a message.  Listen and repeat the key information.


You hear: Can you say I'll be about thirty minutes late? if she wants to start a meeting without me, that's fine, because I can't guarantee exactly when I'll be there. The traffic is terrible.

You say: Ok, so you'll be about thirty minutes late and it's Ok to start the meeting without you.


exactly [ɪg'zæktlɪ, eg-] / 1) в точности

file [faɪl] / I 1. 1) папка

sales figures данные об объёме продаж

urgent ['ɜːʤ(ə)nt] / 1) срочный

prepare [prɪ'peə] / 1) а) готовить, подготавливать

Accounts  [ə'kaunt] бухгалтерия

completed 1) завершённый 2) законченный 3) заполненный

expense [ɪk'spen(t)s, ek-] расходы

delivery [dɪ'lɪv(ə)rɪ] / 1) поставка

installation [ˌɪnstə'leɪʃ(ə)n]  установка

at (the) latest самое позднее

a Can you say that I'll be about thirty  minutes late? If she wants to start the meeting without  me, that's fine, because I can't guarantee  exactly when I'll be there. The traffic's terrible.
b Tell her I can't find the blue file, that's the  one with the sales figures for this month. I  need it urgently because I have to prepare for tomorrow's meeting.
c Please can you tell her that Lina from  Accounts called? I need to have a completed  expense form from her by Friday lunchtime or  she won't get her expenses back this month.
d Please tell her I've managed to change her  flight from 10 am to 3.30, and a taxi will pick  her up outside her apartment at midday.  When she arrives in Paris, Mr Wilkinson will  be there to meet her.
e Can you say the best price we can do is  $1,500. That's including delivery and free  installation. We need an answer tomorrow  morning by eleven at the latest or she'll lose  the order.