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29 Taking a message

 Listen to Kieran, a personal assistant, take a telephone message. What does the caller want to do?

Set up a meeting____________

Change some arrangements____________

Complain about a problem____________

out of the office выйти из оффиса 
leave a message оставить сообщение 
I was supposed to meet him я должен был встретиться с ним 
something has come up что то промзошло 
 I wonder хотел бы знать 
rearrange [ˌriːə'reɪnʤ] менять, переделыват 
instead [ɪn'sted] / вместо; взамен 
rather than вместо 
I'll make sure я прослежу 
confirm [kən'fɜːm] / 1) подтверждать 


Kieran: Hello. This Kieran: Kieran Donnelly speaking. 
Kenji: Oh, er, hello. Is James Green there? 
Kieran: No. I'm afraid he's out of the officeright now. I'm his personal assistant. Wouldyou like to leave a message? 
Kenji: Er, yes, thanks. I was supposed tomeet him at two o'clock this afternoon, butsomething has come up. I wonder if we can rearrange it to 4 pm instead, and maybemeet here in my office, that's in Building 3,rather than in the main building? 
Kieran: OK, so ... meet in your office inBuilding 3, not the main building. at fouro'clock, not two. Got it 
Kenji: Thanks. 
Kieran: OK. I'll make sure he gets that. What'syour name, please? 
Kenji: Kenji Fujita. That's K-E-N-J-1 Fujita, F-UJ-1-T-A. 
Kieran: OK. And does he know what numberto contact you on if there's a problem? 
Kenji: He's only got my cell phone number. Myoffice number is 0207 772994. That's direct. 
Kieran: Sorry, what was that last part again,please? 
Kenji: 772994. Oh, and can you please askhim to call me before one thirty to confirm?I'll be in a meeting after that. 
Kieran: Will do. 
Kenji: OK. Thanks very much. 
Kieran: You're welcome. Thanks for your call.