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27 Reporting a crime

Wen Ling, a Chinese student in t he UK, reports a crime at the campus security office. Look at the form and identify the information to listen for.

Bristol City University
Crime report form

Day / time:         ____________ /  _____________
Type of crime:           theft ______burglary ______ 
                                  assault______other ________ 
Location: _________________________________
Victim: Name:_____________________________
Address: _________________________________
Details of crime: ___________________________
Suspect: Appearance: ______________________
Additional details: __________________________


report a crime  сообщить о преступлении

steal [stiːl] / 1. ; stole , stolen 1) а) воровать, красть

grab [græb] / 1. 1) а) схватывать, хватать

run away  убегать

At around   около

get a look at  посмотреть на

medium ['miːdɪəm] средний

height [haɪt] рост

moustache [mə'stɑːʃ]  усы

wear I [weə] / 1. ; wore , worn 1) носить

jumper ['ʤʌmpə] джемпер

running shoes кроссовки

additional [ə'dɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l] / добавочный, дополнительный

describe [dɪ'skraɪb] / 1) описывать

leather ['leðə] / 1. 1) кожа

zip [zɪp] 1. 1) молния (застёжка)

shoulder strap ['ʃəuldəˌstræp] лямка

distinguishing [dɪ'stɪŋgwɪʃɪŋ] отличительный

scratch [skræʧ] / 1. 1) а) царапина

tear I [teə] дыра, дырка, прореха

handle ['hændl] / 1. 1) рукоять, рукоятка (ножа, топора, молотка) ; черенок, ручка


(Wen Ling= Chinese)

Wen Ling: Oh, hello. Is this where I reportsomething stolen?

Guard: Yes, that's right. Just let me get theright form .... OK, what's your name, please?

Wen Ling: Wen Ling Tsai. That's W-E-N spaceL+N-G Tsai ... T-S-A-I.

Guard: Whoa, hang on! 17a Park Avenue,you say?

Wen Ling: Yes, in Bristol. The postcode is BR26YT.

Guard: 6-Y-T .. . OK. So, what was stolen?

Wen Ling: My bag. I was outside the library. This man just grabbed it and ran away.

Guard: I see. So, when was this?

Wen Ling: At around 12.30.

Guard: OK. Did you get a look at him?

Wen Ling: Yes. He was medium height withshort dark hair and glasses. Oh, and he hada moustache.

Guard: Right. And what was he wearing?

Wen Ling: Blue jeans and a black jumper, Ithink. And white running shoes.

Guard: OK. Now, additional details. Can youdescribe the bag?

Wen Ling: It's a small, black leather bag, with azip along the top and a shoulder strap.

Guard: Are there any distinguishing marks onit? Any scratches, for example?

Wen Ling: Not really. Just a small tear on thehandle.

Guard: OK, well, we'll look into it.