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25 Open an account

Raymond, from Hong Kong, is working in Canada and decides to open a savings account. Listen to a bank clerk explain various savings accounts.Choose the account Raymond takes.


(Raymond = Chinese; bank clerk =Canadian) 

Raymond: I'd like to open a savings account,please. 

Bank clerk: Certainly. Which type of savingsaccount do you want? 

Raymond: Er, what do you have? 

Bank clerk: Well, if you have a lump sumto invest, I'd recommend our First Reserveaccount That has an interest rate of 3.50 percent, paidannually, but you must have at least $5,000. 

Raymond: No, I was thinking of saving around$100 a month, actually. 

Bank clerk: OK, so our Bonus Saver accountmight be better. That has an interest rate of30 percent. Interest is paid every three months. 

Raymond: Can I take the money out if I need it? 

Bank clerk: Yes, but you must give 30 days'notice before you can make a withdrawal. 

Raymond: Oh, I see. Actually, I want anaccount where I can get at the moneyimmediately.

Bank clerk: Then you should have our RegularSaver account. It's instant access. The rate is2.30 percent. Interest is paid monthly, but there's apenalty if you take money out.Raymond: What do you mean by 'penalty'? 

Bank clerk: Well, if you withdraw money, thenyou won't get any interest for that month. 

Raymond: Oh, I see. Do you have an internetsavings account? 

Bank clerk: Yes, we do. That's our e-Savingsaccount. The interest rate is 4.1 percent. It's paidevery month. You have to save at least$75 every month. Our e-Savings account isinstant access, too. 

Raymond: Does that mean I can get at themoney immediately? 

Bank clerk: Yes, and there's no penalty. 

Raymond: Maybe I'll have that one, then. 

Bank clerk: You have to apply online for that.We can't do it here in the branch. 

Raymond: OK. Well, thank you very much foryour help.