Лексика и грамматика (часть 2)

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 22-28. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 22-28, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа.

Most people say they prefer spring or summer, but early autumn is the time when most want to be in England. Surprisingly, the weather is often better in September and October than in the A22____ of summer. This is really the time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Englsh countryside. Already the children have A23____ to school and, with fewer people looking A24____ hotel rooms, accommodation is a lot less A25____ than in the summer season. At this time of year, you wll find that the Englsh woods and forests are at their most breathtakingly A26____ and nothing is more invigorating than strolling slowly A27____ an Englsh wood on a frosty morning in early autumn, walkng across a crisp carpet of fallen orange, gold and brown leaves in the still cold air. The world seems at A28____ when the weather is like this and always feel relaxed in a golden Englsh wood on a frosty morning in early autumn.
A22 1 core 2 middle 3 centre 4 heart
A23 1 returned 2 visited 3 attended 4 Left
A24 1 at 2 for 3 from 4 to
А25 1 cheap 2 valuable 3 rich 4 expensve
А26 1 pretty 2 nice 3 beautiful 4 handsome
А27 1 out 2 away 3 through 4 over
А28 1 calm 2 peace 3 comfort 4 happiness

Peter had always loved books. Not new books, the kind you see in airport shops the world A22____ , but old books. His love was for books that had passed A23____ the hands of many unknown and long forgotten readers, books which had the very smell of the past on them. His A24____ of old books was huge, for he had spent nearly every Saturday morning in old book shops or at second-hand book sales ever since he had had to A25____school and start makng his own living at the A26____ of fifteen. He had always managed to come away with at least one book on these visits, and books finally filled every corner of every room in his house. He had never married, and some people argue even today that this was A27____as well because no wife would have put up with the dust and smell of so much old paper. Others, perhaps more wisely, say that, if Peter had had a wife to look A28____ him, the terrible fire which completely destroyed both the books and the house would never have started.
A22 1 over 2 around 3 about 4 in
A23 1 by 2 in 3 through 4 over
A24 l gathering 2 collection 3 saving 4 selection
A25 1 leave 2 depart 3 go 4 exit
A26 1 time 2 year 3 date 4 age
A27 1 just 2 quite 3 right 4 only
A28 1 after 2 for 3 out 4 by

The Future
'One day, we shall all have our own helicopters and we will fly to work A22____of using cars and buses.' You might laugh at such an impossible sounding A23____, but we live in a time when a lot of things that would have sounded just as impossible to a person a hundred years ago have actually come A24____.If, as a young man, your great-grandfather had been told that we would have tiny mobile phones that can actually send pictures to somebody on the other A25____ of the world, he would probably have A26____that such a thing was imposable, but today we have phones that can A27____exactly that. So perhaps the child who dreamed A28____ a future world in which everyone has a personal helicopter was not so wrong after all.
A22 1 rather 2 opposite 3 instead 4 far
A23 1 plan 2 idea 3 design 4 view
A24 1 fact 2 real 3 right 4 true
A25 1 part 2 face 3 side 4 half
A26 1 said 2 reported 3 talked 4 spoken
A27 1 make 2 call 3 complete 4 do
A28 1 for 2 in 3 of 4 after

A Mystery Solved
She knew something was wrong the moment she A22____ the room. It wasn't as if anything was missing or not in its usual A23____, but something was definitely not as it should be. She stopped and looked A24____ again, this time more carefully. The cat was lying curled into a ball in front of the fire, gently sleeping. Nothing unusual about that. Puzzled, she sat in her A25____ chair by the fire and took a small sip of the coffee she had brought from the kitchen, absent-mindedly rubbing the cat with her foot. Her action A26____ the animal up. It yawned, stretched, and then slept agan. Suddenly, she froze, her coffee halfway to her mouth. She had realised somethng when the cat yawned and stretched itself. Normally, when it woke and saw her in the room, the cat would A27____ demanding to be fed. Her eyes went to the tank in the corner which had been A28____ to her three valuable pet fish for the past five months. It was empty.
A22 1 entered 2 went 3 walked 4 opened
A23 1 post 2 area 3 place 4 site
A24 1 around 2 over 3 to 4 down
A25 1 common 2 usual 3 standard 4 typical
A26 1 brought 2 stirred 3 woke 4 called
A27 1 open 2 start 3 begin 4 end
A28 1 house 2 residence 3 place 4 home

The Decison

It had been another long, hard day at work and Peter made his A22____ slowly to the car park. He knew he was totally exhausted. He wondered whether it was all worth it, really. He earned a lot of money, it was true, but because he worked so much he had lost A23____ with most of hs friends because he simply did not have the A24____ or energy to see anybody socially. All he wanted to do when he got home to his A25____ flat at night was go straight to bed and A26____ fast asleep. What was the point of it all? He had an expensive sports car, a wonderful flat with every modern piece of equipment money could A27____, but these things no longer gave him any satisfacton at all. Suddenly, he realised what he had to do. He dropped his briefcase A28____ the ground, got into his car, and drove away. He would not be coming back.
A22 1 road 2 path 3 way 4 direction
A23 1 friendship 2 touch 3 catch 4 track
A24 1 time 2 hour 3 period 4 age
A25 1 rich 2 wealthy 3 luxurious 4 successful
A26 1 fall 2 drop 3 collapse 4 go
A27 1 make 2 take 3 find 4 buy
A28 1 in 2 at 3 onto 4 under


David was very excited. Today was the frst day of the summer holiday and he had woken up even A22____ than he did when he had to go to school. The morning sun shone A23____ his open bedroom window. He could hear the birds singing in the trees that surrounded the small cottage that was home to him and his parents. He lay in bed for a A24____ time, trying to decide what he would do on this, his first day of freedom. Should he go for a ride on the bicycle his parents had bought him for his birthday? No, it would be better to do that when his cousin Mary came to stay - they could A25____ each other along the sea front. His thoughts were interrupted by the A26____ of his mother's voice calling him to breakfast. He jumped out of bed and hurried to A27____ his teeth, now eager not to waste A28____ minute more. It was gong to be a perfect day!
A22 1 sooner 2 earlier 3 faster 4 shorter
A23 1 on 2 out 3 through 4 to
A24 1 tiny 2 small 3 narrow 4 short
A25 1 run 2 rush 3 race 4 sprint
A26 1 noise 2 shout 3 cry 4 sound
A27 1 brush 2 scrub 3 wash 4 polish
A28 1 one 2 single 3 alone 4 only

Cathedral of Pokrov or St Basil the Blessed

The story of St Bazil’s Cathedral begins in May 1552. Red Square then was the site of mass prayers on the eve of the departure of the tsar and his armies to fight the Khan of Kazan. Mingling in the crowd was a barefoot holy man dressed in rags, well known to the crowd as Basil the Blessed for his A22______ . Only traditional immunity A23_______to such holy men in Russia could save him from Ivan the Terrible’s wrath.
Even before Ivan IV unleashed his reign of terror, Basil was A24 _______the tsar that his future would condemn him to 34 eternal damnation. Before the departure for Kazan he also predicted that the tsar would murder his first-born son. Basil died A25_______Ivan was laying siege to Kazan. His body was buried on the future site of the cathedral, named to A26 _______the victory. It took six months for the Russians to force their way into the Kazan fortress. Victory came on 1 October 1552, which, according to the Orthodox calendar, was the feast of Pokrov, or protection of the Blessed Virgins Veil. Thankful for the help of the Virgin, the young monarch ordered a wooden church to be built in Red Square.
As more military success followed, a series of wooden chapels A27______ shape around the already existing Trinity Church. Finally there were seven victories and seven new churches in Red Square. Later all them were torn down to make the way for the Cathedral of Pokrov — better A28______ as St Basil’s Cathedral — that was to surpass in size and splendor anything the Russian rulers had built before.
A22 1) humiliation 2) humility 3) humanism 4) humidity
A23 1) prescribed 2) approved 3) granted 4) admitted
A24 1) warning 2) advising 3) predicting 4) accusing
A25 1) during 2) throughout 3) while 4) although
A26 1) memorise 2) commemorate 3) observe 4) celebrate
A27 1) caught 2) make 3) acquired 4) took
A28 1) accepted 2) called 3) famous 4) known

Catherine the Great and her eagles
Catherine the Great ruled the Russian Empire with the help of her so called “eagles”— educated nobles to whom she gave enormous grants of land and serfs. Being an educated woman Catherine felt the A22______ to correspond with the leading intellectuals of her time.
She A23_______encouraged the nobles to Russia’s travel, fostered their love for French culture, and patronized the arts. Her “eagles” became a privileged class and contributors A24 _______ Russia’s golden age. More and more nobles A25_______ Moscow their home during Catherine’s reign. Having fulfilled their state obligations as military leaders or government officials in St Petersburg, they could A26_______ a life of leisure.
Moscow’s lavish dinners became legendary, as did the intellectual debates of the English Club and the performances of the serf theatres. The informal way of life which had characterized Elisabeth’s favourites was replaced by Catherine’s orderliness and refinement. Russian architects A27_______, to the change, adopted a Classicism more attuned to Catherine’s tastes in place of Elisabeth’s Baroque.
A number of classical mansions and churches built by Catherine’s “eagles” grace the New and Old Basmannaya Streets. These streets received their names from the local bakers’ guilds which supplied the Crown with basman breads.
A28_______ the best masterpieces of that epoch that have lived through the centuries we can mention the mansion of Nikita Akinfyevich Demidov, the Church of the Resurrection, the Church of St Nikita the Martyr.
A22 1) requirement 2) obligation 3) want 4) need
A23 1) also 2) too 3) as well 4) else
A24 1) of 2) on 3) to 4) for
A25 1) chose 2) made 3) selected 4) did
A26 1) afford 2) allow 3) provide 4) offer
A27 1) sensible 2) delicate 3) sensitive 4) thoughtful
A28 1) Along 2) Between 3) By 4) Among

Man Catches Fire during Surgery

Seattle police A22 ____ an investigation on Friday to determine how a patient undergoing A23 ____ heart surgery caught A24 ____ fire at a local hospital in 2003.
The male patient, who was not identified, went up in flames after alcohol poured on his skin was ignited by a surgical instrument. The patient died after the surgery but that was A25 ____ heart failure and not the fire, said Dr. Robert Caplan, medical quality director of Virginia Mason.
Caplan said fires are known to occur in operating rooms A26 ____ they were extremely rare. The two-year-old incident became publicly known after an anonymous letter sent A27____ the media mentioned it as a sign of unsafe health care at the hospital, and said the patient burned to death. Kaplan strongly A28____ its contents. "That letter is factually incorrect," he said.
The Reuters
A22 I) launched 2) put on 3) came 4) set off
A23 I) pressing 2) quick 3) emergency 4) express
A24 1) on 2) in 3) at 4) with
A25 I) in condition 2) due to 3) thanks to 4) in relation to
A26 I) although 2) for 3) that is why 4) owing to
A27 I) to 2) in 3) at 4) on
A28 I) agreed 2) discussed 3) disputed 4) mentioned

Robber Holds Up Bank with Bunch of Flowers

A robber has A22____ a bank in New York, armed with a bunch of flowers and a note reading "Don't be a hero". Police told The New York Post they were A23____ a large bunch of blooms - yellow chrysanthemums, orange and red daisies, and gladiola buds, A24____ other flowers - used by the man in the A25____ last week. A security camera photo published A26____ the police showed the suspect standing at the cashier's window holding the bouquet while handing over the note, which reportedly read: "Give me all your hundreds, fifties, don't be a hero." The man A27____ after the teller handed over 440 US dollars.
The New York Post reported that it was the second known bank heist by the A28 ____ , who last week robbed a different New York bank armed with a potted houseplant.
The Telegraph
A22 1) come across; 2) chased; 3) attacked; 4) descended
A23 1) examining; 2) studying; 3) interrogating; 4) questioning
A24 1) in the middle of; 2) among; 3) between; 4) under
A25 1) robbery; 2) kidnapping; 3) burglary; 4) hijacking
A26 1) in; 2) by; 3) with; 4) for
A27 1) escaped; 2) ran out; 3) ran across; 4) boiled over
A28 1) suspect; 2) guilty; 3) perpetrator; 4) innocent