Лексика и грамматика

Прочитайте приведённые ниже тексты. Преобразуйте, если необходимо, слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текстов. Заполните пропуски полученными словами.

The Pet

Susan had wanted to have a pet she could call her own for as long as she could remember. There had been a family cat once upon a time, but sadly it had _____ SOME wrong with its ear and one day
her father had _____TAKE it away in his car and she never saw it again. She dreamed of _____ HAVE a dog, but her parents had told her that it would be cruel to keep a dog in their small flat, and for a long time she could not think of another pet that she would possibly like to own. Then
one day, as she _____ COME home from school, she saw something different in the local pet shop window. It was the _____ BEAUTIFUL bird she had ever seen. It looked like a parrot but it
was a lot _____SMALL. The shopkeeper told her that it was a budgerigar and that budgerigars live in Australia. She was _____ SURPRISE to hear a voice say, "Who's a pretty boy, then?"
"It can talk!" she said in amazement. "Oh, I would love to have him for my pet!" She could just about afford the £2 the shopkeeper wanted for the bird, but there was the problem of the cage. Would her parents pay for it? She could only hope so.


Not far from the city of Salisbury in the southwest of England, stands Stonehenge, one
of the most ______ MYSTERY prehistoric monuments in Britain. From the
remains of tools ______ FIND at the site, scientists have discovered that work started
on Stonehenge about 6,000 years ago, but the ______ GIANT stones that make
it ______ FAME today were added a thousand years later.
Because there are no ______ WRITE records, nobody knows why Stonehenge was
built. Some people ______ BELIEF that it was used to calculate the movement of
the sun and moon, but as one scientist has said: 'Most of what has been stated about
Stonehenge is nonsense, we will never have a clue what its purpose was.'

Starting Out

The first day in a new job can be a frightening experience, like your first day
at school. You are nervous, usually _____ NOT KNOW anybody or where
anything is, and you are frightened of _____ MAKE silly mistakes. There is
a lot that employers could do to make it _____ EASY for their new workers.
The _____ BAD thing is to be shown to your place of work and
_____ TELL to just get on with it, but this is what happens in a lot of places,
unfortunately. Good employers will ask somebody in the company who
knows the work you_____ EXPECT to do to look after you for a day or
so until you feel comfortable in the job. In this way you will learn the job
more _____ QUICK, and you will almost certainly be less likely to make
embarassing mistakes. I know, because I have had a number of different jobs
and have had experience of both types of employer.

Cheese Rolling

Go to Coopers Hill in Gloucester on the last day of spring and you
will see an ______ ASTONISH sight; a group of young men
standing at the top of a very steep hill ______ WAIT for
an ______ ATTRACT young lady to roll a large cheese down
the side of the hill. When the cheese starts rolling the
______ COMPETE chase after it, and the first person to reach
the bottom of the hill wins the cheese.
Nobody knows when or why this strange race started, but it was
______ CERTAIN popular two hundred years ago. People
who take part say it is a lot of fun, but it is also quite
______ DANGER and the local hospital has to be prepared
to treat a lot of broken bones each year!


Old Granny Carter had lived in her little cottage by the river all her life. It was a cosy
place to live, and she was very proud of her garden, which everyone ______ AGREE was
one of the ______ PRETTY in the village. She was not able to look after it by
______ SHE now, but some of the older children in the village loved to come at the
weekends to help her keep everything tidy, ______ KNOW that when they had finished
there would be one of Granny Carter's delicious cakes for them to eat. And then there
______ BE the stories. Granny Carter had so many memories of what life in the village
______ BE like when she was a young girl. She loved to share these with the children
who came to help her and she would get out her old photograph albums and talk,
sometimes tearfully, about the people she had known. She had never married, but she
was fond of saying that she had the most ______ WONDER family in the world because
all the people in the village were her children.

Amazing Life

For a long time ______ SCIENCE believed that life could only exist in
the ______ PRESENT of sunlight and oxygen. Today, however, we know
that this is not true. Some creatures live in the most ______ LIKE
places. In 1977 explorers discovered holes or vents at the bottom of the
______ DEEP oceans. Superheated water comes out of these vents and
this hot water provides the energy to support life for a variety of creatures
______ INCLUDE small white shrimps and shellfish in a place where
there is no ______ NATURE light at all.

The Holiday

He was sure it was going to be a boring holiday. He and his parents ______ COME to the same small seaside town for two weeks every summer ever since he could remember. He had enjoyed it when he was ______ YOUNG, looking for crabs and sn1all fish in the rock pools with his father or building sand castles on the beach that would only be washed away by the waves ______ LATE. But now he was fifteen and he didn't enjoy ______ DO those things any more. What could there possibly be in this sleepy little place to keep him ______ OCCUPY for two weeks? He stared miserably out of the window as the train came to a halt and his parents______ BEGIN to pick up their suitcases. He knew he should tell his parents how he felt, but it was impossible for him to hurt their feelings; he knew how they loved to return to the same hotel where they ______ SPENT their honeymoon all those years before. But his mind was made up; he told himself that he would never go on holiday with his parents again.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck was Walt Disney's second most _____ FAME cartoon character after Mickey Mouse. His first film _____ APPEAR was in 1934 and he quickly became very popular, _____ POSSIBLE because he was so bad tempered and _____ PATIENCE. He was later joined by his girlfriend, Daisy, and three naughty nephews. For a long time Donald Duck cartoons were a _____ FAVOUR for children's television _____ ENTERTAIN and his likeness has been used in the _____ PRODUCE of toys, clothes, and other goods.

City Farms

As a person who has lived on the edge of a small city all my life, I find it difficult to believe that some children _____ LIVE in big cities grow up without ever seeing an animal _____ LARGE than a pet dog. When I was a child we thought it was perfectly natural _____ PLAY in fields with large cows for company, but apparently some city children do not even know what the animal that produces their milk _____LOOK like. To help city children to understand what it is like to live in the country, special farms _____ MAKE right in the centre of some of our larger cities. One of the _____OLD of these is in London. It is run by volunteers and has herds of sheep, goats, cows and other animals. There are educational programmes for visitors, and children can help feed and clean the animals. I _____ NOT BE to one of these farms myself, but I think that it is a marvellous way to help children learn about the ways of the countryside, and I hope that we shall see more of these farms in our cities in the future.

April Fool

In many countries, the first of April is a special day when people
play ______ PRACTICE jokes on one another. One of the most
famous of these jokes was shown on a British television news programme
some years ago. The ______ REPORT quite seriously
gave a ______ DESCRIBE of the 'spaghetti harvest' for the year,
even ______ SHOW film of people cutting spaghetti in the fields
and hanging it up to dry.
A lot of people ______ BELIEF the report and became very
______ ANGER when they later learned that it was all a joke!

The Telephone Call

She sat in the chair, just _____ STARE at the telephone. Would he call _____ SHE? He had promised to, and he had seemed like the sort of person who would keep his promises, but you never knew. Already it was eleven o'clock in the morning, and the phone had not_____ RING since she had woken up. It was working all right, she had picked it up _____ TWO to check. She began to get impatient. He had been so nice to her when they had met in the library,_____ HELP her to find the book she needed for her research and then afterwards, when he bought her a coffee in the restaurant, she _____ DISCOVER that they shared the same interests. She did not _____ USUAL give her telephone number to people she had just met, but she had felt certain that she was doing the right thing in this case. Twelve o'clock. Still silence. That was it! He had said he would call before ten - too late now! Angrily, she stood up, put on her coat and left the flat, slamming the door behind her. As she got out of the lift on the ground floor the telephone in her flat began to ring. She did not hear it.

The Good Old Days?

I often hear people saying that life in the past was a lot
______ GOOD than it is today, but I don't think that this is true. Of
course, the world does face a lot of ______ DIFFICULT and too
many people still live in ______ POOR, but there have been a lot
of ______ IMPROVE in the last one hundred years. Thanks to
the medical discoveries of the 20th century, people are generally
______ HEALTH than ever before and they live longer, more
______COMFORT lives.

A New Experience

Mark had never seen real snow before. He lived with his parents in a part of the country where it was always too warm for there to be any snow, even in the _____ COLD of winters. The family _____ HAVE to come here, to the hills in the north of the country, to spend their winter holiday for there to be any chance of Mark _____ SEE this strange, cold, white substance. When they_____ ARRIVE at their hotel the sky was grey and it was very cold, but no snow covered the ground and Mark felt very disappointed. When he went to bed that night he asked _____ HE if he was ever going to touch the strange white substance he had only seen in photographs. When he _____ WAKE up in the morning, he noticed that the light entering the room seemed oddly altered. It seemed _____ ODD bright somehow. He looked out of the window and up at the sky. It was as grey as it had been the day before, but there was something different about it. Thousands of pieces of cotton seemed to fill the air. Then he realised: it was snowing.

The City of Bath

Bath is one of the most ______ BEAUTY cities in England. It is
very popular with ______ TOUR, and because it is not a very
large city, and in summer it seems that there are more
______ VISIT than residents! What do all these people come
to look at? Many of them want to see the Roman baths where hot
water ______ CONTINUE bubbles from the earth, others come
to visit the museums or admire the wonderful seventeenth-century
______ BUILD and squares, but all of them seem to spend
some of their time looking for bargains in the magnificent and
always ______ CROWD shopping centre.


You can't see it, you can't smell it and it is ______ USUAL very dangerous
to touch it; electricity is surely an amazing form of energy. We use it to light and
heat our homes, to start our car engines and to wake us up in the mornings.
Without electricity we ______ NOT HAVE televisions, telephones, computers
and many other things. In fact, it is impossible to imagine our world without it.
There were many famous scientists ______ DO experiments with electricity
in the 19th century, but the story of one man stands out. Michael Faraday,
a man who never ______ HAVE a proper school education, ______ MAKE
the first electric motors and generators as part of his experiments.
His work______ LEAD to a far greater understanding of what electricity
is. A full explanation of the theory of electricity would have to wait until science
______ EXPLAIN the nature of atoms and electrons, but there is no doubt
that Faraday was a remarkable man, and one of the greatest scientists of his time.

Albert Einstein

People are often surprised to learn that Albert Einstein, the
famous ______ SCIENCE, did not do very well at school.
When he left at the age of fifteen with no diploma he
______ FINAL finished his education in Switzerland and
shortly afterwards he was granted Swiss ______ NATION.
He was then employed as an ______ EXAMINE for
the Swiss patent office for a number of years before
______ RECEIVE his doctorate in Physics from
the University of Zurich in 1905.
In that year, he started to publish the papers that would
present his ______REMARK ideas to the world.

The Channel Tunnel

For nearly two hundred years before it became a reality, people
______ TALK seriously about building a tunnel under the sea to link England
______ DIG actually started at the end of the 19th century, but the work
was soon because politicians were afraid that such a tunnel could
______ USE by armies to attack England.
Despite all the difficulties and fears, a railway tunnel connecting the two countries
was finally completed in 1994. People were now able to travel ______COMFORT
by train from the centre of Paris to the centre of London in just three hours.
The trains ______ TRAVEL between England and France do not only carry people.
Special trains are used to carry cars and lorries between stations which
______BUILT near the coast at both ends of the tunnel, and so you can now
take your car from one country to the other a lot ______ FAST than you could using
the ferry boats which still sail between Dover, Calais and other ports on both sides
of the English Channel.

My Early Years

I did not have a lot of friends when I was young, but I do not
think I ever felt ______ HAPPY or lonely. My teachers
said that I had a lot of ______ IMAGINE and it is true
that, as I explored the dark, ______ EXCITE forests that
surrounded our house, I liked to talk to the people who lived
only in my mind. One of my favourite characters was a pretty
young girl who had a ______ WONDER laugh. We
spent many hours together, telling each other
______ FUN stories and jokes. Of course, I knew she was
not a rea1 person, but she was ______ SURPRISE like
the lady I met and married twenty years later.

Late Delivery

These days, letters posted in one country can be sent to somebody ______ LIVE on
the other side of the world in less than a week, thanks to air mail, so you would think
that a letter ______ ADDRESS to a person who lives only thirty kilometres away from
where it was posted ould take no more than a day or two to reach its destination.
That is not what happened to a letter sent by a Mr. Gray in 1937. He suddenly
______ HAVE to leave the country to go to France and hastily wrote a letter to his
wife ________ SAY goodbye and tell her what a wonderful wife she was. He must
________ POST the letter just before he boarded the ship that would take him to France,
but nobody can be sure because sadly the ship _________ SINK and Mr. Gray was
never seen again. Mrs. Gray got the letter last week - more than sixty years after
her husband had ________ WRITE it. An official explained that it had fallen behind a desk
in the post office and they had only discovered it when they were replacing the
old desks with new furniture!

A Winter's Day

When Helen woke up that morning she had a strange ________ FEEL
that something was not quite right, and it was some time before she
realised what it was. ________ NORMAL, she could hear the birds singing
in the trees outside her window, but today there was only ________ SILENT.
The light in her room seemed different, too. She jumped out of bed and
ran to look ________ NERVE out of her bedroom window. What she saw
made her smile with ________ PLEASE. During the night it had snowed
________ HEAVY. She was happy because she knew that there would be no
school, she could play in the snow all day!

Snow Joke

"Look, Sis ... outside! It's snowing!" little Daniel shouted at the top of his voice. Sis, still asleep,
tired from a late night, didn't react. A ______ TWO attempt at waking his sister did at least result in
her ______ OPEN one mascara-smudged eye. Sis focused on the blinking red digital alarm clock -
It took a few seconds for her to realise that this meant that it was still dark outside.
She sighed deeply and turned towards Daniel, who was sitting by the open window.
"What is it?" she muttered. "It's snowing!" Daniel cried.
Snow in New York is not unusual, but in the middle of June it is unheard of.
With this in mind, Sis concluded that _______ FALL victim to another one of Daniel's little jokes.
Then, as a few flakes of what looked like snow ______ DRIFT in through the window, Sis climbed
out of bed and walked over to where the snow had settled on the carpet.
"My, my!" she exclaimed. "That must be the ______ BIG snowflake I've ever seen."
She expected to see the flakes disappear into nothingness in seconds,
but instead they just ______ LIE there on the carpet. Then, she suddenly remembered
that the people in the apartment above had had a barbeque the previous night and
some of the ash had been blown down by the wind. "Daniel, it looks like you've got
some vacuuming to do", she said, ________ WALK back across the room to her bed.

Writer's Block

My friends seem to think that I have one of the ________ GOOD jobs
in the world. They say that I am lucky because I don't have to get up
early in the morning to catch a ________CROWD train or bus to
work and that I can work when I want to. All I can say is that they
have never tried to earn a ________LIFE as a writer. There is
nothing ________ BAD than sitting in front of a computer,
knowing that you have two hours in which to write a 2,000 word
article for your ________ EDIT, and not being able to think of a
single thing to say. "Writer's block" we ________ PROFESSION
call it, and it is not a nice feeling.

Counting Sheep

For weeks now, I have been unable to sleep. There is nothing _____ WORRY me in particular - my job is going fine and I am generally a happy individual. I_____ THINK a great deal about the cause of my sleeplessness. In fact, I have reached the stage where I'm lying awake in bed thinking about what it could be that is preventing me from _____ SLEEP. Recently, a friend of mine told me about something he _____ READ about in the news- paper. Apparently, the _____ GOOD thing to do when you are in a situation like _____ ME is to count sheep. I've always thought that this was a bit of a joke, but when there is no obvious cause for your sleeplessness, having something to take your mind off sleep, or the lack of it, is the best thing. Tonight, if I'm lucky, should be my_____ ONE full night of sleep in weeks, and it will all be thanks to an article in a newspaper.

Moving House

The company I work for have offered me ________ PROMOTE.
They want me to take charge of a new ________ DEVELOP
in one of Scotland's ________ LARGE cities. This means that
I will have to sell my house and leave the city where I have lived
since my ________ CHILD. I have started searching for a
house in Glasgow already, but the ones I have seen so far have all
been ________ SUIT for one reason or another. Some of
them were too small and others were too expensive. I am beginning
to worry that if I don't find a good house soon I will have to
tell my ________ EMPLOY that I am unable to accept his

A Walk on the Moors

At 10.30 we left the car park and turned left onto the road heading north. We followed the
road for about 300 metres before ________ TAKE a footpath heading east. Peter
________ PROMISE a certain amount of mud in this area and he was right. After the
recent heavy rains of the previous five to six weeks the ground was very wet indeed and there
was a great deal of mud and water to walk through. There was little point in
________ TRY to avoid it, as there was no other way round.
The first half a mile towards the moor was perhaps the muddiest. We carefully climbed
over the fences as all the rain had made ________ THEY very slippery. The footpath
swung northeast and ________ RUN alongside a stream for a while before emerging onto
a road on the edge of the moor.
We passed a few houses including one where the owner________ BELIEVE in making
full use of garden decorations and ornaments. This particular one had so many ornaments on
the lawn that cutting the grass must have been a complete nightmare.
The road headed northwest for a short distance and then we took a footpath just beyond
Old Mill Farm, which took us up to ________ DRY ground. As we came over the brow of
the hill we had our first view of the lake straight ahead of us.

Holidays Abroad

Why do so many people find the idea of spending their holidays in a foreign
country such an ________ ATTRACT one? I can think of nothing worse
than waiting ________ PATIENT in a crowded airport surrounded by
________ IRRITATE children for an aircraft to take you to a distant part of
the world. I think that flying is a very ________ COMFORT way to travel;
the seats are too close together and you are ________ ABLE to stretch your
legs or move around with the same freedom that you can when you are on a
train. Long before you reach your holiday hotel you feel exhausted, your children
are having an ________ ARGUE and all you want to do is go home
and sleep for a week.

Night Train to Panama

It was a beautiful tropical evening and the ocean breeze was gently blowing as I
________ PASS the town clock on my way to the train station. I could see the train ________
COME down the track. As the engine slowly passed, I heard someone yell, "Hey, you!"
I looked up at the engine, and the engineer gestured to me to get on. When the train came to a stop,
I walked down the track to the engine and he told me to climb aboard.
By then, my heart was beating fast with excitement. I climbed up into the cab and the driver said,
"Ride up here with me." I was so excited I ________ CAN hardly speak.
When the conductor gave the signal to leave the station the driver said, "Go ahead, drive her!"
He showed me what to do and told me to take it easy. He then ________ BLOW the whistle
as I gently pulled away and I could feel the power as the engine moved ahead
________ TAKE up the slack between the carriages. We started to move out of the station.
I cannot describe the thrill I felt as our light ________ SHINE through the darkness with the jungle
on our left and the Panama Canal on the right, looking down the canal with the night air
________ BLOW through the cab of the engine.

The Career of His Dreams

Terry had ________ ORIGIN planned to be an engineer and so
went to study at the University of London. After a few months, he
realised he could not manage on the ________ ALLOW his
parents gave him. He didn't find the course very interesting so he gave
up his studies and made the ________ DECIDE to go to Italy to
improve his ________ KNOW of the language. While he was living
in Rome, he met a photographer who showed him how to take
________ EXCITE pictures. Terry had a natural talent for this and
became fascinated by this art. He realised he had found the job of his
dreams without having to study for ________ PROFESSION qualifications.

No More Tears

I've been very busy during the past few weeks, but today I decided to treat _____ ME to some proper food, which generally _____ MEAN cooking something simple from scratch. I like the simplicity and flexibility of eating out, but there are a few drawbacks. Cost is the obvious one, but I also feel that the quality of the food is often below that which I could cook myself. In addition to _____MAKE better food than most restaurants, I enjoy preparing it. It's a welcome break from whatever else _____ WORK on, and it can be very relaxing. What is more, my kitchen is perfect for cooking in, which is great when I remember to stock it with food. I like _____ COOK with onions, but I hate chopping them. My eyes are very sensitive to onion, and I usually have to run screaming from the room shortly after I've started chopping them. I've _____ HEAR of many unusual remedies, but nothing helped enough to make onion chopping pleasant. After many years and many tears, my flatmate told me about one effective method: to wear goggles. Since then, I've received many comments while chopping onions, but nothing that _____ BRING me close to tears.

Kids Need Meat!

More and more people are giving up meat and
following vegetarian diets. This may be
________ SUIT for adults but could this way of eating be
________ DANGER for young children? Could it be harmful
and ________ HEALTH? Recent research has shown that a
diet with meat helped________ GROW in children. It also
helped improve their performances in ________ INTELLIGENT.
tests. Even if children eat lots of eggs, cheese and dairy
products they do not get as much protein as meat eaters. This
is ________ PROVE we should not avoid eating this delicious

Work in the Future

In future life will be very different from previous ________GENERATE.
Our careers are LIKE to last for more than fifty years. We
will probably change our jobs aoout twenty times and always have to
learn new skills.
There won't be a lot of ________ EMPLOY as the world's
________ POPULATE will fall. Rich countries in Europe will need
immigrants from less ________ WEALTH nations to work for them.
They will have to do more ________ TRADITION jobs such as
farming. These usually have very low wages.