Диалог 1

I: Tell me about the clothes you’re wearing today, Carlos. You look really smart. Where are you going?
C: I’m going to work, actually. I usually wear jeans and a shirt, but today I’ve got an important meeting, so I’m wearing a jacket and a tie.
I: I love your tie.
C: Thanks! It was a present from my wife. I love ties. I’ve got about 40 – silk ones, coloured ones, striped ones …
I: This one looks expensive. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a tie?
C: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe £70 for a designer tie.

I: Hi, Roberta. What are you wearing today?
R: I’m wearing my favourite top. I got it in London, in Selfridge’s. It was expensive, but I wear it a lot.
I: What about your jeans?
R: They’re from New York. They were only $15. Really cheap!
I: And what about your boots?
R: They’re leather; from Brazil. I love Brazilian shoes.
I: That necklace is beautiful.
R: Thanks. It was a present from my sister. I often wear it. It’s gold, and very old.
I: Do you like buying clothes?
R: Yes, I really enjoy shopping for clothes, but I can’t always afford the things I like!